In every apartment at the Heugemerweg/Raccordement complex there is a washing machine and dryer available. These are placed in the bathroom. There is no additional cost for using the washing and drying facilities.

When the washing machine is finished you have to wait for a few minutes before you can open the washing machine door. There will be a small click sound and then you can open the door. Do not force the door.

Please do not put soggy clothes into the dryer. The weight of the very wet clothes damages the motor of the dryer.

Make sure to clean out the dryer's filter every time you have used it!

NOTE: In case the washing machine door does not open even after the program was finished, it is because there is too much remaining water in the washing machine. There is an easy way to solve this: start the program 'Afpompen' or 'Afpompen en centrifugeren'. This means that the washing machine will drain the remaining water. This program only takes a couple of minutes. The door should open again.