At the Matthias Wijnandsstraat you can dispose your trash only with special trashbags. These are available at our office at the Brouwersweg 100 or you can request new bags with the housing officer.

You can put these bags outside on the streetside on Thursday after 20.00. They will be picked up on Friday morning.

If you would like to think green, you could recycle your trash. All general waste can be disposed in the garbage bags provided by us. Glass, plastic, tin cans, and paper and board can be recycled. You could go to one of the many containerparks near your location (small black containers with white letters stating the category of waste) to dispose these items.

  • If you want to donate good quality clothes or stuff, check the many second hand shops in the surroundings. Good quality clothes can also be put in special collection containers mostly located close to supermarkets or shopping malls.
  • If you want to donate your left-over food, you can bring it to Foodsharing Maastricht. A grassroots initiative that raises awareness of food waste and organises unconditional food redistribution.